10 Gorgeous Face Mask Chains - This Seasons Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Practice social distancing in style!

Gold Mask Chain

Wearing a mask comes with its own set of challenges. Although we should always try to wear a mask while in public during these wild times, there are times that taking it off cannot be avoided – whether it’s for a quick bite or just to take a breather when no one is around. Carrying the mask in one hand or keeping it somewhere nearby can be cumbersome and you might just end up contaminating it. Thankfully, there’s an easy and stylish solution to this problem – mask chains! 

Like sunglass chains, mask chains hang effortlessly about your neck and keep your mask in place when you need to take it off. No more masks dangling from ears or chins while looking effortlessly good? Sign us up!

There are a variety of beautiful face mask chains available to cater to all tastes and preferences, shop from our curated list of 10 options that will help jazz up your look:

1. Gold Face Mask Chain

This elegant yet simple chain is perfect for those who love rose gold or shades of blush – pair it with other accessories in the same shade to look super trendy and sophisticated.

Gold Face Mask Chain

2. Vintage Italian Lucite Face Mask Chain

Want to add a retro touch to your look? Look no further than this Vintage Lucite-style chain to add some old-school glamour to your outfit. This mask chain is straight from Italy and there are limited pieces left – make sure to order soon before it sells out!


Red Mask Chain


3. Violet Face Mask Chain

The pop of color in this bright violet chain is perfect for contrasting with your outfit and other accessories. Pair it with warm or neutral hues when stepping out to really help it stand out!


Violet Face Mask Chain


4. Dainty Green Face Mask Chain

Want a mask chain that’s simple and not too loud? Then this delicate green chain is perfect for you! It is simple yet sophisticated and looks great with almost all types of outfits!


Dainty Green Face Mask Chain – Limited Edition


5. Bubble Gum Face Mask Chain

This fun and vibrant chain will definitely catch people’s attention when you’re out and about! The bright pink aluminum looks really good as a bold and bright accessory to complement your outfit.


Bubble Gum Face Mask Chain


6. Silver Bold Face Mask Chain

Silver is a classic color for accessories and goes well with almost anything. That’s true even for this mask chain – you can pair it with casual clothes during the day or use it to dress up for more formal evenings. 


Silver Bold Face Mask Chain


7. Black Face Mask Chain

This chunky black chain definitely gives us some rock vibes! It is really versatile and can make you look super cool in nearly all outfits.

Black Face Mask Chain

8. Gold Loop Bold Face Mask Chain

This chain reminds of gold hoop earrings and other jewelry – wear it to add a bit of flair and sophistication to your smart casual or formal looks!


Gold Loop Bold Face Mask Chain


9. Gold Bold Face Mask Chain

This bright and bold mask chain is reminiscent of chunky gold necklaces. Wear it to add a pop of bling to your everyday social distancing look! 


Gold Mask Chain


10. Dainty Light Green Face Mask Chain

This chain is another delicate variant that looks very pretty - it goes well with almost any outfit and is ideal for those who want a simple yet sophisticated look.

Dainty Light Green Face Mask Chain

All the chains are handmade in Chicago and come with sunglass connectors. They can also be hung around your waist like a small crossbody bag, making them super versatile and convenient.

Stay covered in style with a Danae Face Mask.

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