Love it. This would be cool in silver too. Let me know if you offer this is silver in the future.
Jenny R.

I love how small these are. Looks great. I thought I wouldn't be able to layer this but I can pretty much wear it with all of my other necklaces.
Mary J.

Love itt. Might buy one for my sister for Christmas if still available. Sara E.
Shipping was fast. Thank you!
Tonya D.

These are so cute, I was shopping for a gift but I might just have to get them for myself!
Tonya S.

Wanted something small that I could wear daily. These are just the thing. Penny P.
I love this color, goes well with dark hair.
Karen B.

So I was a little skeptic about ordering this little necklace but I caved in and I'm super glad I did. I had been looking for a dainty necklace I could easily layer or wear on it's own forever.
Chloe R.

My friend recommended me this site. My order came in quickly and I give this necklace 5 stars!
Rachelle J.

Purchased this and a bracelet that looks just like it. Really love them. Thank you!
Karen V.

This is a very pretty, delicate necklace. It has the look I was going for.
Jine T.

I got this necklace as a gift, wear it all the time and get compliments!
Kristie U.

Really love this aesthetic, going to check out other pieces as well.
Kristina D.

I got this as a graduation gift for my sister as a symbol of the adventure she has in store for her in this next chapter of her life.
Jenny K.

Love this brand. Good quality, dainty, unique and lovely pieces.
Joee I.

 Lightweight, and goes with everything. I can't say there's anything I don't like about it. Thank you.
Rachel F.

 I was so excited when I received it in the mail, I put it on right away!
Tessa Z.

This is smaller than I expected- turns out it is perfect with almost every outfit. I can leave it on overnight w/o it bothering me.
Elizabeth M.

It is so small and delicate you could layer it with other necklaces or just keep it simple. It was worth every cent.
Michele O.

I've worn the piece with casual clothes and my dressy work clothes. 
I highly recommend!
Kathryn P.

This necklace is so pretty I love it!!
Savanna B.

Its very shiny. Love it. Thanks!!
Meagan S.

It's so unique! Love mine.
Jessica P.

Thank you for the fast shipping. Just what I wanted Maria H.
This is my new fav necklace to layer.
Nikki P.

Goes great with my other two necklaces from you. Thanks again!
Amy V.

Very cool. I like how it looks like it was lost at sea!
Staci D.

I got the longer one and I love it! 
Mackenzie Q.

This is my new favorite necklace!
Christa S.

Thank you so much. I love it
Denise L.

I got this for my mom. She thought it was really cool!
Renee T.

I love my new necklace. Thanks!!
Jenny M.

This is great. I'd buy it in silver too if you make it!
Pam X.

All my friends love it.
Ty W.

I got this for my sister. She loved it!
Nicole M.

This is great with the shorty necklace I got! Thanks
Sara F.

Thank you for the fast shipping. Just want I wanted.
Kendra S.

thank you!! Loved it. Recommend to everyone.
Penny M.

My new favorite ring and its adjustable!
Karen M.

Just what I was looking for!
Nicole H.

Love my snake necklace!!
Lindsey N.

I get so many compliments on this!
Caresse Y.

I will def be coming back for more!
Ali K.

Quality was exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!!
Maria O.

I love mine! Now I need something to layer it with!
Lauren Z.

Love it. I wish it came in longer sizes though. I'd like to wear this with some of my other pieces.
Allison S.

Purchased this and 2 rings. Very pleased with my purchase.
Mallory H.

Shipping was quick. Love the necklace. Thanks!
Erin S.

Will buy again. Thank you!
Chelsea H.

5 stars. Love my new necklace.
Ariana S.

The compass is cool. Love that its small.
Nikki L.

This is actually my new favorite necklace. Very unique!!
Nicole J.

I wear this pretty much everyday!!
Meg G.

love it. Might get an extender so it can hang longer.
Lindsey C.

Super cool. I'd love to see this in silver!!
Aurora U.

This is my new fav necklace!!
Kelly L.

Pretty cool design. I've seen similar designs but not quite like this. Love it.
Caresse A.

Love the mini coin. Dainty jewelry is my favorite!
Jude L.

Recommended to everyone. Love my 2 new necklaces!
Hannah S.

This was my second order with danae. Very pleased.
Elizabeth J.

The shipping was fast and quality was good. Thank you.
Camille R.

I purchased this for my daughter for her purchase. She loved it. Thank you!
Michael N.

Super cute. Love tiny jewelry.
Natalie K.

I got this for my girlfriend. She really liked it!
Lisa W.

I thought it looked better in person than in pictures. Thanks!
Kaitlin H.

Kind of an impulse buy but so worth it.
Aubrey H.

Exactly what I have been looking for, the perfect necklace to go with all my outfits.
Aubrey R.

The perfect layering necklace, thanks!
Ali F.

I just got my order in the mail, looks better in person, super cute.
Alexis E.

I wear it every day I love it it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Lauren Y.

Wear it almost every day!
Margery D.

So cute and elegant! perfect way to spice up a simple outfit.
Jazmine L.

The pictures seem a little more yellow than it actually is. Not sure why. I'm satisfied.
Antonia W.

Goes well by itself or paired with another. My favorite color!
Samantha J.

Bought this as a gift for my niece's 20th birthday!
Susanne E.

I purchased the Leo one. Very cool. Great price.
Christina B.

I wear this with my paper clip style choker. Love them!
Fawne E.

Just what I was looking for. Thank you!
Brad N.

I purchased 1 for each of my nieces. They loved them.
Now that all match. So cute.
Tiffany B.

Capricorn!! So cute. Love mine. Thanks!!
Alexis V.

Mine wasn't the clearest but I think maybe that's just the style. Still like it. Thanks.
Trisha S.

Shipping was fast. Thank you!!
Andrea G.

Very delicate, would be a great birthday gift!
Rachel A.

I have received many compliments on it. It has become one of my favorite necklaces.
Kristy J.

Very cute, goes with everything!
Lisa L.

Shipping was fast!
Janalee S.

Bought this with a few other pieces.
Kari G.

So happy with this find, recommended the shop to my sister.
Yasmine S.

This is worth the price, speedy shipping and good quality.
Nicole D.

I got these and 2 rings. Love them. Might get more hoops in a month!
Emily P.

These are amazing. I wanted something dainty and light weight that will last and they’re perfect.
Aubrey V.

These are so in right now, I had to get my hands on them.
Amber M.

These are the perfect basic earrings.
Olga A.

They look very classic, great for work.
Levi H.

Exactly what I have been looking for, perfect size.
Savanna P.

I got a pair for me and my mom and we both give them 5 stars!
Lindsey M.

Go with absolutely everything, also can sleep in them comfortably.
Meagan B.

I like these earrings. They are thin and lightweight.
Jessica M.

Arrived quickly and they are a good size, not too bulky.
Maria H.

Wear these everyday. Checking out some other styles to purchase now!
Sally S.

I got a pair for all 6 of my ear piercings!
Courtney G.

Wore them yesterday for the first time, very pretty.
Lianna M.

Love these so much, thank you!
Michele M.

Got a pair for both my daughters, they wear them all the time!
Janet B.

Great minimalistic look.
Pamela M.

Good when you are trying to be simple but elegant.
Nikki R.

Cannot say anything bad!
Amy B.

Have tried a few brands, these are my favorite!
Staci E.

What every girl needs in her collection along with a little black dress lol!
Mackenzie W.

Just bought this and a few other items, big fan!
Christa C.

Looks good with a few items I already own.
Denise G.

This is everything I have been looking for.
Julie M.

So happy with my order, arrived fast and feels great on.
Renee A.

I wore these on my last vacation every day, very comfortable.
Pam C.

They look so much better in person.
Ty A.

Unique and stylish cannot wait for them to arrive.
Meg M.

I got so many compliments on these.
Mary W.

Super cute and trendy. Going to wear these on my next date!
Tonya W.

Just browsing but had to get these.
Lindsey S.

Yes, so cute, so dainty, a need not a want.
Aurora H.

Little longer than I expected. Pretty cool. Might get the smaller ones next time.
Kelly S.

Pretty comfy, great for nights out.
Elizabeth S.

Not too heavy which is important.
Camille C.

Look nicer than in the picture surprisingly. Also bought a bracelet.
Maria W.

Going to wear these to get drinks with the girls this weekend!
Caresse R.

These are so light weight and perfect.
Maria M.

Very unique, cute for summer.
Kasia W.

I love how thin and light weight these are.
Christy L.

They shipped so fast I was pleasantly surprised!
Lauren S.

My everyday go to earrings for work and school.
Allison C.

My mom told me to order her a pair after she saw mine.
Caitlin A.

simply stunning, thank you!
Erica M.

More comfortable than I thought they would be.
Pam V.

They look amazing in my ears right now, going to wear them to dinner!
Nicole S.

I have been looking for something like this, perfect.
Meg J.

These are so comfy, I wore them 3 days in a row.
Sara E.

I got these for my mom, she loved them!
Lindsey E.

Simply gorgeous. Totally my style!
Aurora W.

Fit very comfortably and arrived quickly in the mail.
Kelly L.

Everything I wanted, new favorites.
Caresse W.

My favorite style for years, classic and goes with any outfit. Jenna R.
They look better in person than in the picture.
Jude P.

I feel so pretty when I wear these, would recommend.
Hannah M.

Perfect for everyday wear, for work or out with my friends.
Camille H.

These are just amazing and nicely crafted to look beautiful on my ears.
Michael S.

My new favorite, they are everything I have been looking for.
Thank you and fast shipping!
Natalie H.

Very pretty, my husband even said so!
Lisa S.

I love this style, never goes out of fashion.
Kaitlin W.

These are just so pretty, they look just as good as the picture.
Aubrey L.

I needed these from first glance, so pretty!
Colleen C.

These are so cute and dainty,  also fit comfortably which is a bonus.
Aubrey U.

I love the stone, it really gives a special touch.
Imani H.

The perfect shape for my ear.
Ali C.

Very simple if you are into that!
Lauren W.

Comfortable and unique, good for casual or fancy occasions.
Alexis S.

Love minimalistic jewelry, staple piece!
Lauren E.

I don’t usually wear bracelets but this totally my style.
Melissa R.

Perfect for everyday wear, you forget you are wearing it.
Margery Z.

Super dainty, I like the hang charms off of mine.
Rachelle S.

Really good for layering more ornate bracelets with.
Jazmine M.

Reminds me of the 80s, had one just like it!
Antonia B.

The only bracelet I own that doesn’t bother me when I wear it.
Antonia D.

Simple but perfect for any occasion.
Eleanor A.

I love this I wear it all the time, not too flashy or noisy.
Samantha B.

Unique and light weight, never gets in my way.
Susanne A.

Really cute, wore it on vacation, perfect for the beach.
Laura Z.

it is very light! Came in the mail quickly…. Love it!
Susan S.

Bought it for my daughter, decided to keep it for myself!
Diamond M.

Classic, the perfect bangle.
Ashley S.

These fit my perfectly, usually bangles are too big for my thin wrist.
Rachel E.

I love these, I got the five pack having options is great.
Sheron A.

I just got them, will wear to dinner tonight.
Lauren B.